The cost of doing what we love

Find your purpose, Hold on and Connect the dots.
There are secrets to doing what you love and more importantly, getting away with it.  And the very first one in those competitive times is to work twice harder than the day before, because even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. Now know that even if you work hard, you will go through sh*t. Because this is just how life works. Sometimes, detours lead us to the final destination, but what I’ve learned from detours is where a destination isn’t obvious. You don’t have to wait for success to begin today. Some people wait for success so that they can do what they really want to. That means they wait to create, help others, speak, write about their journey and often, they wait for success to lead them to a platform. People wait to be discovered rather than build their own branding foundation, and this couldn’t be more backwards as we’ve entered the era of Creation, and the most beautiful thing about it is that nothing is defined until we do. I would always tell a friend who comes to me with an idea, or asking for help to build a project to find their voice - now - first and decide what the purpose of it is. You can choose to be everything or you can do one thing greatly. However, putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t the message either. And I know best because I have been there, wanting to do everything that comes to my mind at the same time,  ending up unproductively exhausted. So one step at a time. Start by finding the essence of what you are seeking to accomplish, and remember to remain authentic and patient, as 1/Nothing good is ever built with fake foundations - 2./We all have dreams, and it takes time. So before you get overwhelmed by the big picture, pay attention to the small details. Too often we overlook what is right in front of us, when potential opportunities are in the now. And part of building your dream, your brand, your story, is paying attention to the journey, not just the destination. Sometimes, "happy accidents" occur on the way and lead to things we could have never imagined. And all the drama that puts you six feet under now, might just be the boost you need to overcome a downfall. So hold on, if you're going through hell, keep going. Before I started working on my life balance (I am still), I made finance my priority. Because I have known days where I didn't have one single euro for days at the end of the month, putting all I had to rent a studio to shoot (just to reassure you, I was still living at my parents) because I just couldn't imagine - for a minute - not being able to do what I love, but also because I knew I couldn't go far without money. Now every morning I thank God I found a way to make a living and afford doing what I like, because it would have killed me from inside (and now I have a rent to pay). From the moment I had to start interning to graduate, it always came to a point where I felt I was suffocating and frustrated at work for not being able to take my own decisions. This said, if I happen to find myself in a survival mode tomorrow, I 'd be ready to go back and work for a company - not for the security to get a paycheck at the end of the month, but just enough time to make and save money to sail on my own again - because I am committed to my dream, and therefore I know the road won't be straight. I have known moments with so much cash in the bank that I didn't know what to do with it, but also dryer then dry periods where I had to count the change in my pockets to feed myself. Now I know it's part of the entrepreneurship journey when you start from scratch. So unless you 're wealthy enough for not having to care about it, know that passion has a cost, and it doesn’t pay the bills unless you play smart. Steve Jobs once said that his most creative period came after losing it all. That means you need resilience. And resilience comes from having a vision, but more importantly, the ability to rework that vision as life happens. Take in input, realize and accept when something isn’t working if you decide to keep going on a project. Accepting that you are fallible is the best way to begin or start over. Keep it about connecting the dots, and believe. Believe in this life and that everything happens for a reason. Open your eyes, travel, interact, and learn. Find out what's missing in the world and try to give it. That's why you're here, if you believe you are.

Sarah Diouf_ New York